May 10, 2009

Chocolate covered strawberrys with Grappa

Easy to follow - yet presenting;: Fresh strawberry, covered with dark chocolate and full of Grappa flavor.


  • 200 g dark Chocolate (Couverture)
  • 500 g fresh strawberrys
  • 1 dl Grappa from Berta


  1. Cut the chocolate in small chunks
  2. Wash the strawberrys and let them dry. (They must be completely dry, otherwise the liquid chocolate will not stick to the berrys)
  3. In a metal bowl slowly melt the chocolate over some hot water - be careful not to overheat the chocolate
  4. Dip each berrys in the chocolate and set on a silpat or backing paper lined plate
  5. Set in fridge to cool for 1 hour
  6. With a syringe inject the grappa in to the strawberrys form the top
  7. Keep cool

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